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Paul Thompson

I am a resident of Dundas, Ontario, and it is a passion of mine to create one of a kind "Keepsake-Heirloom" fine wood boxes.


I am a self-taught artist/craftsman who enjoys creating boxes of singular beauty. Each box takes between 30 - 60 hours to make. I like to explore the interplay of copper and various species of wood, and therefore hand cut and sand pieces of complementary exotic woods and position them so that they transition throughout the piece.


I employ a unique joinery technique because no nails or screws are used in any part of the construction of the box. Furthermore, all of the woods used are selected for their natural colour and grain. No stain or colourant is used in the process.


It is my goal to create a unique keepsake that is of singular beauty, a box with a silken smooth finish and richness that highlights the interplay of grain, copper and colour, a box that can be used for generations and enjoyed for its beauty as well as its functionality.

Follow Paul on FaceBook by clicking here: ThompsonHeirloomBoxes

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