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Guild Seeks Continued Growth in 2018

The Arts & Craftsmen Guild started in May 2015 with only a handful of artisans committed to furthering the modern Arts and Crafts community and supporting its birthplace, the Roycroft Campus in East Aurora, NY. Since then, Guild membership has steadily grown to over 80 members with 27 Juried Artists.

In the coming year, the guild plans to launch outreach initiatives in the community, increase education and involvement of Guild members through more open meetings, and improve communications with social media and other mechanisms that reach a broader audience and allow for input.

As the Guild grows, so does its organizational capabilities. Steering Committee Chair Yvonne Stoklosa observes, “What I'm most proud of as the committee chair is that each of us are finding our roles, doing the job that needs to get done and doing it to the best of our abilities. Just as we do as artists, we are doing on a volunteer basis for the good of the guild and its members.”

The 2018 Guild initiatives will be finalized at the Steering Committee’s January planning meeting and decisions and next steps will be shared with the guild members.

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