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March Brings New Members and Artists!

It’s Membership Renewal Time!

The Arts and Craftsmen Guild is holding its annual membership drive from now until April 15. Over the next few weeks, Guild members will be contacted with reminders and updates about guild activities and accomplishments.

Rachel Tibold, ACG Membership Chair, points out that the value to members comes with their participation. “We are striving to make ACG membership worthwhile,” she said. “Members who already participate in Guild events and opportunities know that our networking and educational meetings are informative and improving, with nine open meetings scheduled this year. We also upgraded our web site and Facebook page with better background info, access to resources and news items of interest.”

Don’t lose your connection with the Arts and Craftsmen Guild. Please renew your membership today and help us continue the Arts and Crafts tradition on the Historic Roycroft Campus. You can find membership information and the 2018 meeting schedule in the Photos and Events section of the website.

Arts & Craftsmen Guild Accepts Six Juried Artists at March Jury

On Saturday, March 10th, six applicants were granted “Juried Artist” status in the Arts & Craftsmen Guild. During this semi-annual jury process, applicants present samples of their best work to a panel of prominent artists representing various media and engage in open and supportive dialogue with the jurors.

“Consistent with our values, we want applicants to feel welcomed and appreciated as we learn more about them and their art. Our interactive process reveals critical information the typical closed-door jury is not privy to,” said Vicki Schneider, Jury Co-chair.

The following artists were granted Juried Artist Status at the March 2018 Arts & Craftsmen Jury:

Maureen Quale, N. Tonawanda, NY – Medium - bamboo reed

Mary Ellen Adragna Bossert, Lakeview, NY – 2 Mediums – painting and mixed media assemblage

Bev Fehringer, Delevan, NY – Medium - clay/pottery

Mark Wood, Johnstown, NY - Medium- wood

Nancy Hall, East Aurora, NY - Medium- painting

Karen Carlton, Orchard Park, NY - Medium- oil painting

“The jury process is our lifeblood,” explains Guild Chair, Yvonne Stoklosa. “We want to add breadth and depth to our collective art experiences by actively seeking out skilled artists from diverse media, backgrounds and styles. While it must be a rigorous and consistent process to maintain a standard of excellence, most participants are pleasantly surprised by how objective, constructive and friendly it is.”

Upon acceptance, Juried Artists may use the distinctive Triangle Rose™ shopmark in their work and are recognized as a creator of exemplary work rooted in the Arts & Crafts tradition. Once granted, an artist maintains his/her Juried Artist status with the Guild for three years. The next ACG Jury will be held on September 22, 2018.

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