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Guild Continuing to Build Community and Fellowship

As the Covid-19 Pandemic impacts lives and affects so many aspects of our culture, the Arts and Craftsmen Guild is rising to the challenge by staying focused on its purpose and supporting its members. “In these extraordinary times, with common sense and government guidelines limiting face-to-face interaction with customers, friends and family, it’s easy to become isolated,” said Guild Chair Yvonne Stoklosa. “I want to remind everyone that we are here and searching new ways to remain intact and meaningful to our members and the community. We will be reaching out with updates, continue to explore digital solutions and new tools for inspiration and connectivity.” May 14th Virtual Meeting Planned Stacy Smith, the Guild’s Social Media Chair, and scheduled guest speaker, Dave Johnson of Suncliff on the Lake, are working out details for a May 14th Virtual Meeting. Membership networking and educational meetings are held at 6:30 pm on the second Thursday of the month and play a key role in developing relationships and sharing creative or business ideas. Reminder: Don’t lose your connection with the Arts and Craftsmen Guild. Please renew your membership today and help us continue the Arts and Crafts tradition on the Historic Roycroft Campus. You can find membership information and the 2020 meeting schedule and updated topics at our website Online Show Update In mid-April, the Arts and Craftsmen Guild launched an online art show featuring our juried artists. It's up in a Facebook photo album and also on our Guild website. If you haven’t already, please take a minute to check out the beautiful work. Also share this link with your audience so that we can spread the word and hopefully help everyone make a few dollars while we're still without shows and outlets for our work. It's important to stick together right now and there's power in numbers and shares and contacts. Here's the link and thanks again! ACG Student Scholarship The application for the $500 scholarship has been extended to May 18, 2020. Information and specifics regarding the requirements have been sent to guidance counselors at both schools. More info is available on the Guild website, or contact John Thiesen at 716-652-6218. ACG Collaborative Projects Update This year twelve teams of Juried Artists will be collaborating on art projects. Targeting an October completion, these pieces will be given to the Roycroft Campus for fundraising. They will be working out the details. Proceeds are to be used for Roycroft Campus restoration projects.

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