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Juried Artists, Virtual Meetings and Inspiring Thoughts

September Jury Reaffirms “Juried Artist” Status to Nine ACG Artists

On Saturday September 26th, the Arts & Craftsmen Guild on the Historic Roycroft Campus held its semi-annual jury process, where a panel of prominent artists representing various media interviewed a full slate of applicants seeking this prestigious designation.

Existing juried artists are required to renew their “Juried Artist” designation and, along with new applicants, invited to present samples of their best work and engage in an open and supportive dialogue with jurors. “The jury process is our lifeblood,” explains Guild Chair, Yvonne Stoklosa. “Whether a new applicant or current Juried Artist, this rigorous and consistent process helps maintain a standard of excellence. The process is challenging, but most participants are pleasantly surprised by how objective, constructive and friendly it is.”

Jurors follow a standardized scoring process developed by the Guild and provide applicants written guidance and feedback, as warranted, to help them develop and grow. Upon acceptance, Juried Artists may use the distinctive Triangle Rose™ shopmark in their work and are recognized as a creator of exemplary work rooted in the Arts & Crafts tradition. Once granted, an artist maintains his/her Juried Artist status with the Guild for three years.

The following artists retained their “Juried Artist” designation at the September 2020 Arts & Craftsmen Guild Jury:

Jack Thiesen – Medium - Wood

Stacy Smith – Medium - Copper Wire

Barbara Strzepka – Medium - Oils on Kiln-Fired Porcelain

Rose-Ann Martin - Medium - Calligraphy

Jan Schmuckal – Medium - Oil Painting

Paul Thompson – Medium - Wood

Richard Glover – Medium - Oil Painting

Holly Bird – Medium - Etched & Carved Block Prints

Yoshiko Yamamoto – Medium - Wood Block Printing

Formed in May 2015, the Arts & Craftsmen Guild seeks to promote and preserve the home of the American Arts & Crafts Movement. Its mission is to inspire a positive collaboration amongst the craftsmen, the community and the Roycroft Campus. The Guild has grown to over 60 members, including more than 40 juried artists from around the USA and Canada, as well as non-juried artists, supporters and students.

Additional information about the Arts & Craftsmen Guild or membership can be found at

Virtual Meetings Maintain Connectivity, Offer Arts & Crafts Perspectives for Members

Membership networking and educational meetings are normally held at 6:30 pm on the second Thursday of the month and play a key role in developing relationships and sharing creative or business ideas. This year, with Covid 19 restrictions, the ACG has been holding a series of virtual meetings with guest speakers on the Arts & Craftsmen Guild Channel on You Tube. “The virtual meetings may not have all the relationship building benefits of person-to-person interaction,” says ACG Chair, Yvonne Stoklosa. “But they provide topics that are educational and informative regarding the Arts & Crafts field and members can view the content anytime.”

If members have specific topics they would like covered, please email us at

A Few Thoughts from the Chair

As we enter the last quarter of 2020, so many of us seem drained by the challenges, setbacks and personal losses caused by this horrible pandemic. While this pandemic might yet linger for a while, I believe there is reason for optimism for our Guild and each other.

As a Guild, I think we kept moving forward - we found alternate ways to meet every month, have our Jury, and keep in touch with everyone through membership networking, emails and texting. Every supporter, associate artist and Juried Artist is valued and welcomed. I look forward to more engaging virtual meetings, seeing how the collaborative projects donated by many of our Juried artists to the Roycroft Campus online auction plays out, working towards having a Guild exhibition next year and involving and supporting you, our members, by including meeting topics you suggest. Good luck, stay safe and thanks to all of you. - Yvonne

"A little more persistence, a little more effort, and what seemed hopeless failure may turn to glorious success." – Elbert Hubbard

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