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Children's Art Classes on the Historic Roycroft Campus

Each class is only $15 per child. To register call Paulette at (716) 984-9857 and fill out this the form.

July 31 - Saturday - 10-11:30 am

Creating a Memory Box

with Andrea Oswald

Students will be creating a ‘Memory Box” using acrylic paints. Plus to fill an inside pocket in your box, students will create collage cards using different papers. Students need to dress appropriately since they will be using acrylic paints.

August 7 - Saturday - 10-11:30 am

Copper Embossing

with Stacy Smith

Students will choose a design to apply to a copper sheet, and then use different tools to create textures and depth. Patina will be added to highlight the finished work.

August 14 - Saturday - 10-11:30 am

Creating Monotypes

with Robin Yates

Students will create artworks called monotypes, that are made by combining painting and printmaking techniques that you can also use at home.

Each artist paints with watercolors on plastic. Prepared damp paper is pressed evenly over the painting, and when the paper is pulled off, the monoprint is ready to dry. Artists can draw, paint or add collage pieces over their dry artworks.

August 28 - Saturday 10-11:30 am

Creating a Dragonfly necklace or bookmark

with Lisa Ballowe

Come and learn how to sew seed beads into this cute dragonfly. Your dragonfly will be added to a ribbon to form a necklace or a bookmark. Teacher Lisa Ballowe will have examples of her bead embroidery work for you to see. This will be a fun way to spend a Saturday morning at the Roycroft Campus.

Register by contacting Paulette at (716) 984-9857.

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