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Jury Process


The Arts & Craftsmen Guild is pleased to invite artists to apply for “Juried Artist” status. Upon acceptance,  Juried Artists may use the distinctive and prestigious Triangle Rose™ shop mark in their work and will be  recognized as a creator of exemplary work that is rooted in the Arts and Crafts tradition. In addition, Juried  Artists will not be required to pay the jury fee for the summer, fall, and winter shows on the historic Roycroft  Campus.  Once granted, an artist maintains his/her Juried Artist status with the Guild for three years as long as yearly dues are paid. 
Our guild’s next jury will be held on September 21, 2024 from 10:00 am - 4:30 pm on the historic Roycroft  Campus.  (The next jury after that will be held in March, 2025.)  Only a limited number of artists will be  considered for Juried Artist status. Applicants are encouraged to attend the jury during their scheduled time slot to present their work and answer inquiries.  Each jury appointment lasts about 30 minutes:
5 min. for Applicant to set-up
5 min. for Jurors to go up & take a closer look at their work
10 min. for Applicant to talk & give presentation
5 min. for Jurors to ask questions and the Applicant to answer the questions
5 min. for the Applicant to pack-up and leave
30 minutes total for each applicant
The jury, comprising prominent artists and experts of various media, will consider these criteria in evaluating  submitted works. Each criterion will be scored on a five-point scale ranging from “excellent” to “unacceptable.”
        ∙ Evidenced Mastery of Medium (exemplary craftsmanship and construction) 
       ∙ Design (composition, aesthetics and originality) 
       ∙ Expertise (knowledge of processes) 
To apply, you must:
* Be a member in good standing of the Guild for a minimum of 6 months.
* Have attended a minimum of 3 Guild meetings during the course of membership.
* Complete the jury application on-line (see below). 
* The jury fee is $30. Please bring a check or cash to your jury appointment.
* Please bring a copy of your artist’s resume (including relevant education) with you to your jury appointment.
* Bring 3-5 pieces of the “best work” you have designed and created within the past 3 years.
* Arrive 10 minutes before your scheduled time unless other arrangements have been made. (You will be advised of the jury location on campus and your time slot about one week in advance.)
(If you are unable to attend in person, please contact Kim O’Sullivan at or 716-480-4612 for presentation options.) 
We appreciate that many artists  work in multiple media; however, if you wish to be considered in more than one medium, you must present each medium separately.  Note: if you work in mixed media, please state “mixed media” as your medium.
You will receive a summary of jurors’ scores and their comments within two weeks following the jury. 
Should you have any questions or require assistance, please contact Kim O’Sullivan at or (716) 480-4612.
We look forward to meeting with you and experiencing your work.  Thank you for your interest in the Arts & Craftsmen Guild. 
Kim O’Sullivan, Jury Chair 
Arts & Craftsmen Guild™
For a video of ACG president, Stacy Kist explaining the jury process click here



Jury Application

This years' jury dates are March 9th and September 21st. The next jury will be held on September 21, 2024. To apply for the next jury, please click on the link below and complete the online application.

Application must be received on or before August 30th, 2024.

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