Juried Artists


Excellence in artistry and craftsmanship are core values of the guild. The "Juried Artist" designation recognizes those artists who consistently create exemplary work rooted in the Arts & Crafts tradition. Artists are juried twice a year, in March and September, and if accepted, may use the distinctive and prestigious Triangle Rose in their work for three years.  


Jury Criteria


  • Evidenced Mastery of Medium: Exemplary craftsmanship and construction

  • Design: Composition, aesthetics, and originality

  • Expertise: Knowledge of process based on both written and verbal presentation

  • Artists wishing to jury must have maintained membership in the Guild for a minimum of 6 months and attended at least 3 meetings (in person or online) in order to be qualified as an applicant.



Jury Application

Below is a link to our jury application. The next jury will be held on September 24th, 2022 (applications are due September 3rd). If you are interested in jurying, please print this sheet out and follow the instructions. Our jury coordinators will contact you to arrange a time slot.


Scholarship Application

Below is a link for our Scholarship Application: