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Bev Fehringer

I began doing pottery around 2006 as a hobby.  I am a registered nurse by trade, but needed something for stress relief while working.  One of the things I am most proud of is that I am completely self-taught.  With many years of practice and using YouTube as great guidance, I was able to improve my abilities and create my own techniques.  I now teach pottery lessons at my studio on the Roycroft Campus.  You can also enjoy the book I wrote about doing pottery called The Backwards Potter.  


I traditionally make functional, household pottery pieces that can be used every day.  My pieces are made both on the potter’s wheel and hand built from a slab of clay.  I enjoy experimenting with creating different surface textures and seeing how the glaze reacts to them.  I love nature and am often looking for things in nature that I can press into clay to create great patterns and texture.


I began organizing a local annual Empty Bowls event ( in 2018, creating and donating over 200 pottery bowls to raise money and awareness of local and world hunger.  I have taught classes at the Tri-County Arts Council and I am currently a juried artist of the Guild as well as an Artist in Residence on The Roycroft Campus.


I am located at 37 S. Grove St on the lower level of the Roycroft Antiques building.  My shop is typically open Wednesday thru Saturday.  My pieces can also be purchased at Thin Ice and Put A Plant On It on Elmwood Avenue in Buffalo.

Follow me on Facebook at: Black Raven Pottery
Instagram at BlackRavenPottery

Youtube at @Blackravenpottery4253

Purchase my pottery book at

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