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Drew Bieler

     As a young boy growing up in Western NY some of my fondest memories was touring the Darwin Martin House and going to the Roycroft.  I have a great appreciation for the craftsmanship of Frank Lloyd Wright’s designs.

     My woodworking began 17 years ago when my wife and I moved into our first home.  We wanted a baker’s rack for our kitchen.  We had no luck finding one.  This led to my first project that I designed and built.  It ignited a passion that has been strong ever since.  I had no formal training just self taught using mission style processes.  The quality of its work I emulate into what I design and build.

     I love the creativity of designing original pieces.  I have made many pieces of furniture, keepsake boxes, lights and doors.  One of my favorite builds was a crib I built for my children.  I designed the crib so it could be converted into a bed later on.

     I have used reclaimed wood in many of my projects.  My belief is it tells a story itself.  I support other artists by incorporating their work into mine.  

     I also have restored old antique pieces. 

To see more of Drew's work, visit his website at: or email him at

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