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The Arts and Craftsmen Guild is pleased to present a carefully curated selection of art and craft works by members of the Guild. This exhibition is the first of what the Guild expects to become an annual event. We look forward to welcoming the public for an opening reception on October 4th from 6:30 to 8pm on the Historic Roycroft Campus. The collection will be on view in the Castiglia Art Center, second floor of the Print Shop, during open hours as well as the additional hours listed below: 

September 27th - 6 to 8pm
Art Walk - September 29th - 4 to 9pm
September 30th - 10am to 5pm
October 1st - 10am to 5pm
October 4th - 6:30 to 8pm

Artists and Craftsmen participating include:
Bradley Widman
Nancy Hall

Diane Castle Babcock
Susan Palys
Yvonne Stoklosa
Robin Yates
Paul Fehringer
Drew Bieler
Jack Thiesen
Lisa Ballowe
Janet Nye Vedder
Melissa Buckley
Holly Wentlent
Stacy Smith
Anthony Antonelli
Ray Deibel
Kim O'Sullivan
Barbara Strzepka
Paulette Krakowski
Robert Kull
Tiffany Smith
Amina Bradley
Karen Carlton
Ina Randall
Bev Fehringer
Barbara Schang
Suzanne O'Brien
Ray Morin
Stephen Russ
And ACG Scholarship winner: Frankie Lehner


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