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Mary Ellen Adragna Bossert

Painter - Assemblage Artist - Muralist - Art Educator-  

Buffalo Arts Studio Resident Artist – Superintendent of Fine Arts and Photography for Erie County Fair


Mary Ellen Adragna Bossert is a native of Hamburg, New York. She studied at Buffalo State College with a Bachelor’s Degree in Fine Arts with a Minor in Art History and earned her Masters in Art Education.

She is a Resident artist at the Buffalo Arts Studio located in the Trimain Building in Buffalo. Currently she teaches art in downtown Buffalo. Mary Ellen is the Superintendent of Fine Arts and Photography at The Erie County Fair and Expo.


 Artist Statement:

“My art thrives on the interpretation of my personal landscape.”

I combine archetypal imagery to achieve a personal purging of thought and feelings while addressing a universal lure.

We are all on journeys to wholeness. My art strives to combine what we encounter in our own micro worlds, such as visions, dreams and the unconscious, with the physical world and environment in which we interact. Through the process of painting the path is revealed to me.”

To see more of Mary Ellen's work, please visit her at:
Facebook: Artist MEA Bossert

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