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Ray Deibel

I began turning bowls in 2012, self-taught from manufacturing work experience and information from various internet resources.  My bowls are almost exclusively made from black cherry harvested from my farm in West Falls, NY. I strive to create unique works that are simple, beginning with a design intent, but ultimately determined by the flow and features of the wood itself. They are meant to be attractive, functional and reasonably priced.


In 2016, I expanded my areas of interest to the German craft of curled wood Christmas trees known as Spanbaum, Using a razor-sharp flat chisel, dozens of wood curls are carefully shaved into a turned wood blank and then unrolled to form “branches”. As a stand-alone piece or in a grouping, these unique trees are beautiful for Christmas time, or year-round decorations!


I joined the Arts and Craftsmen Guild in 2016 to continue to improve my craft, gain better understanding of the Arts and Crafts tradition and participate in shows and events at the historic Roycroft Campus.

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