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Robert Kull

Robert Kull is a self taught painter, deeply moved by the beauty and excitement of the environment: water, landscape and the atmosphere. In the past 12 to 18 months he has been studying the presentation of light, perspective, and atmosphere. 


Upon retirement from a 41 yr. career in Dentistry and Oral Medicine, he began to explore the study of art. Initially he sketched in graphite and charcoal, which he still uses at times, and then moved to working in colored pencil. However, in late 2013 he began dabbling in oil painting and found himself deeply moved by the possibilities. The style tends to follow the visions of the Hudson River Valley School. Being completely self taught he learned from reading, discussions with artistic friends, and extensive use of videos, especial those from some of the American Master painters.


His most recent works relate to his exploration of the concepts of perspective, light and atmosphere; thus creating a painting that, hopefully, brings the question to the viewer - “what is he/she saying here?”. Art is all about the conversation- with the subject, the artist’s concept, and the viewer’s emotional reaction to the subject. 


Current achievements include a “solo painter” exhibit at the Goodyear Cottage Gallery on Jekyll Island Georgia. The Gallery has requested three paintings for exhibit in their permanent collection. Additionally he has passed jury in The Fine Art League of Buffalo and the Arts and Craftsmen Guild of East Aurora, NY.

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