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Shaun Silverwood

Having no formal art education, I took an enameling class with internationally known enamellist, Shirley Rosenthal, in 1996 and fell in love with the medium.  My work has gained much attention because of my unique style.   I am not a purist.  I break the rules of traditional enameling as I mix enamels, fire at higher temperatures and incorporate other materials.


I create to please myself; which allows me to be liberated in technique.  

My wall art hangs in many prominent Buffalo homes and offices. I have won awards for my wall art, but now focus on creating one of a kind, unique jewelry that is sold at juried art shows, in gift shops throughout the country and a national chain.


Using pennies is a key element in the creation of my jewelry and has received much recognition.  It adds a unique quality to the charms I design.

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