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Stacy Kist

I have wanted to be an artist from the time I could hold a crayon. However, for a long time art was just a hobby. I have done a number of things over the years, including wedding cakes and professional custom picture framing. I've also sewn a lot of quilts and given them away, and tried at different times to get involved in different crafts. I've done everything from painting flower pots to painting wall murals, mostly as an outlet for my creativity. 

Then, I discovered the art of wire wrapped jewelry. I fell in love with the weaves and curls and intricate, complicated designs. I am self-taught, since I didn't have money or time for classes, and in the beginning there was a lot of frustration. I watched and learned and threw away many yards of wire. Now, more often than not I am able to keep the pieces I design. I am still learning, and my art is still evolving, but I have a fascination with cold fusion jewelry making, which means no solder, glue or mechanical settings are used in my work.
I was born and raised in Elma, New York. I am local to East Aurora, New York, and spent most of my life very close to home. I currently reside in Wales. Growing up around East Aurora has given me a great appreciation for the Arts and Crafts movement, Elbert Hubbard and his ideals, and Frank Lloyd Wright's incredible aesthetic.
Recently I was honored to jury into The Arts & Craftsmen Guild, located on the historic Roycroft campus in East Aurora, New York. This is the home of the American Arts & Crafts movement. I am excited to be recognized as an exceptional artist by this group!

More of my work can be seen here:

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