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Tiffany Smith

Duende: “The mysterious power of Art to move a person”

   One of my goals is to create Art that moves the viewer, sometimes to tears when I draw their beloved pet, or create a cleansing breath when they hold their coffee mug in the early morning.

     Raised lower middle class I always remember admiring beautiful Art and not being able to purchase it, and I, like Andy Warhol, want “Art to be for everyone.” So I do my best to balance costs, my time, imagination and passion, to create beautiful, affordable Art.

     I have journeyed through the gamut of mediums from pencil, colored pencil, quilting, a few others, and finally landed on clay.  Simply put, it makes my heart happy. Clay, and my Christian Faith, are a few of the wonderful things that ground me.

     I am a full time Art Teacher and have a wonderful loving family. Clay not only gives me peace and contentment but I am using it to save up and travel the world.

You can view Tiffany's Portfolio here:

Tiffany's Facebook is Tiffany Joy Pottery

Tiffany's Instagram is tiffany_joy_smith

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