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Bradley Widman

Bradley is a Painter and Author residing in Amherst NY.  He paints full time exclusively with oil on canvas.  


His works typically utilize a pallet limited to earth tones of green, red, mustard and browns.

A disciplined and monastic lifestyle manifests through his works.  Figures, some of human form representing infants through adult age predominate, and in some cases take on a distinctive specific form such as anthropomorphic deer, birds.   Antique toys- such as rocking horses and Penny Farthing high wheel bicycles.  Nude of both sexes are shown in organically geometric and

ornamental adornment.


The overall effect conveying spiritually and psychologically charged allegory. The structure of his completed works provide an architecture which serves as a habitat within which the figures can play out roles.


Given this scheme, the viewer is brought to an esoteric territory that lies beyond a normal mode of perception into which we might ultimately be drawn in by Widman's overtures. This is part of his intent anyway to give us the viewers an opportunity to visit a different consciousness.


Not unlike the seasons- Widman is constantly mutating and developing through his paintings and writings.   However, he stays committed to his spiritual beliefs.  He explores new color and subject matter, as his creative life permits. His works are extremely stylized and strongly influenced by the Arts and Crafts Movement.


Widman is not only a prolific painter but also a published author of two books, THE SOLITARY SEED, and THE MONASTIC OVERTURE.  These two works are a compilation of his paintings, poetry and texts on esthetic theory.

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