2020 Meeting Schedule

Steering Committee Meetings

January 9th - 6:30pm (planning meeting)
March 21st - 10am (Jury)
April TBD - (planning meeting)
July 9th - 6:30pm (planning meeting)
September 26th - 10am (Jury)

Open Meetings

February 13th - 6:30pm

Daniel Flynn will give a talk entitled : The Art of Anglo-Saxon Arms and Armor. He will present information focused on the Sutton Hoo finds (the sword, seax, shield, axe, and helmet) with special attention on what they were made of, how they were made, the skill and craftsmanship of those who made them, the perceived meaning of all the symbols and animal totems, and the martial aspects of the objects too.

March 12th - 6:30pm

Guest speaker Vanessa Frost from Muse Jar will be presenting.


April 9th - 6:30pm

May 14th - 6:30pm

An owner of Suncliff in Evans will be speaking to the Guild regarding peace and healing. Meeting will take place virtually via YouTube. 



June 11th - 6:30pm

Rita Harrington, director of Allentown Arts Festival will be on hand for a presentation.

August 13th - 6:00pm
Summer picnic at the home of Jack Theisen. Details to follow!

September 10th - 6:30pm

October 8th - 6:30pm

November 12th - 6:30pm

December 10th - 6:30pm (Holiday Party)