2020 Meeting Schedule

Steering Committee Meetings

January 9th - 6:30pm (planning meeting)
March 21st - 10am (Jury)
April TBD - (planning meeting)
July 9th - 6:30pm (planning meeting)
September 26th - 10am (Jury)

Open Meetings

February 13th - 6:30pm

Daniel Flynn will give a talk entitled : The Art of Anglo-Saxon Arms and Armor. He will present information focused on the Sutton Hoo finds (the sword, seax, shield, axe, and helmet) with special attention on what they were made of, how they were made, the skill and craftsmanship of those who made them, the perceived meaning of all the symbols and animal totems, and the martial aspects of the objects too.

March 12th - 6:30pm

Guest speaker Vanessa Frost from Muse Jar will be presenting.


April 9th - 6:30pm

May 14th - 6:30pm


Suncliff on the Lake (two miles from Frank Lloyd Wright's Graycliff) is a beautiful, historical place. In this interview, Brenda and Dave share more about the history, their mission, and their vision about how they hope to involve local artists. Find the Zoom interview on our YouTube Channel. To learn more about this amazing location, please visit them at https://suncliffonthelake.com/


June 11th - 6:30pm

Rita Harrington, director of Allentown Arts Festival will be on hand for a presentation.

August 13th - 6:00pm
Summer picnic

September 10th - 6:30pm
Professional photographer Tim Fuss from Pixel-Wave.com discusses: photographing your work. It is particularly important now with many in-person shows being canceled and delayed. You can reach a wide audience online and your photos should create a positive impression of your art. Tim generously offers ideas and easy tips for photographing your own work for social media. He also shares examples of his polished professional images that create an aspirational impression of your art and can help your work be accepted into juried shows. Watch the interview on YouTube

October 8th - 6:30pm
Sandy Starks will share interesting historical information about the Roycroft. Learn more about the about movers and shakers in the suffragette movement and how that has enhanced our lives both locally and nationally. She will also talk about Kitty Turgeon and the work to secure the future of the campus with the process of having the Roycroft Campus placed on the National Register of Historic Places.

Join us live on our YouTube Channel or find the recording here:

November 12th - 6:30pm

December 10th - 6:30pm
Holiday Charity Drive drop-off. Details to follow.