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Paulette Krakowski

Colored Pencil

As an artist I am able to create such beauty and colored pencil allows me to paint a picture from extreme detail to simple impressions.  


Multiple layers of colored pencils creates a painting - I enjoy working on a black illustration board or paper because it makes the work pop!  Oftentimes I paint an “underpainting” in french grays before applying color to the work.  My art seeks to find joy in everyday items.



The one type of painting I have always enjoyed is the medium of Watercolor. The beauty of working in watercolor is the simplicity of working wet on wet, dry brush, negative painting or the layering of multiple colors!

Each artist works with their watercolors in a unique way, developing their own style. I continue to move from tight detail paintings to loose watercolors trying to find what I like best. Workshops from different artists always helps an artist choose what techniques they may want to pursue in their own artwork.



I have worked as an artist all of my life; in the printing field, the fine arts, as an art director, instructor and gallery owner.  I have been called a “Dabbler,” but a serious dabbler; enjoying many art forms including pottery, basket weaving, collage, colored pencil and watercolor.

Find my work at -


Instagram : etjartstudio

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