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Lisa Ballowe

I am a Bead Artist, primarily using the bead embroidery technique.  Bead Embroidery work is made with seed beads sewn by hand with a needle and thread on to a beading medium accompanied with various focal items, Shibori silk ribbons, vintage pieces, pearls and/or crystals.  I use Fireline thread for security and long lasting strength of my beadwork.   Most of my work is one of a kind.  I take custom order requests.  I get inspiration from so many sources like from nature to a pretty dish or painting I see in a store.  My beading is my Happy Place and I put a lot of love and happiness into each stitch.

I have always been creative. I love working with a needle and thread.  I created many floss embroidered items ranging from counted thread on linen work to German Hardanger. I worked in this art form from 1995-2009, winning several ribbons at the Erie County Fair, plus a tricolor ribbon for consideration for Best in Show in the Needle Arts.  In 2009, I moved to jewelry design. I started with simple stringing then moved to Freeform and Embroidery work. In addition to being self taught, I have studied under some world renowned bead embroidery artists to hone my skills and further my exploration in this Art Form.  I have won 1st Place in Jewelry in 2016 and 4th Place in Jewelry In 2017 at the Lewiston Art Show.   I have also expanded my designs to hats, purses, scarves, and other nonwearables such as wall art and decorative boxes.

I am a current Steering Committee member and juried artist of the Arts and Craftsmen Guild on the Historic Roycroft Campus.

Visit my website to see more of my work by clicking here:

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