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Melissa buckley

My assemblages and collages combine my love of creating, with my love of treasure hunting and collecting. I am inspired by the leftovers from the past; broken dolls, orphaned family photos, pieces of rust; and the nostalgic feelings these found objects evoke.


I work, mostly intuitively and without a plan. At times, the found object is the inspiration for the work. At other times, it's a story I want to tell with these objects.


I am definitely responding to the materials, thereby creating a certain (vintage) aesthetic, but I am also driven by the act of preserving these materials in an age of throwaways. Simply put, my work is a response to the often disposable nature of today's world. My assemblage and collage work serve to honor these objects of our past, by keeping their story alive, while at the same time, giving them a new one to carry into the future.


Similarly, my fiber work as often inspired by the fiber itself when creating weaving patterns for  my scarves and other wearables. Vintage yarns or non-traditional fibers also find their way into my work, and when mixed with new, create one of a kind, unique pieces.


I have recently begun, incorporating fiber and handwoven's into my assemblage and collage work, and I am finding that it is adding a whole new dimension, and cohesiveness to my body of work.


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